Morning Sounds

Baby babbles.

Coffee percolating.

Furry paws tapping across the hardwood.

Vent blowing warm air.

Toast popping from the toaster.

These are sounds that fill our home every morning - they are the heartbeat of our home

Sadly, these are sounds I often don't drink in as much as I should.  Life is busy - especially at this time of the year and as a mom - but it's important to sit, listen and just be still as these sounds can and will change. Those babbles will soon become words. I may be too rushed for school/work to listen to the coffee perk. Life changes, often too quickly.

This weekend I briefly skimmed through an edition of Kinfolk while waiting for friends to meet me for brunch at a cafe in a bookstore.  I came across this essay and it resonated.  Life is busy and we often don't take enough time to take in our surroundings or just think.  I'm guilty of having a brief moment and aimlessly scrolling through social media, thinking of the million things I need to do or have the TV running in the background - I'm never just still and soaking it in. 

Take a moment this busy holiday season to listen, to think, or just be still.

Your soul will thank-you.

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