Christmas Cards

One of the many things I love about the holidays is Christmas Cards! I love receiving (finally not just bills in the mailbox!) and love sending them as we don't send enough snail mail these days. I love seeing the changes in families from year to year as everyone's family seems to grow.  I've gone from sending them as a single gal (not with a photo at that point), the first one with our pup, then a married couple, and now this year our little family! 

This year we worked with Carli at PerfectSalt Paperie & Design (go check out her Etsy shop!).  I worked with her a bit this year; first on Greta's birth announcements and then she did some paper goods for Greta's Sip & See.  She did some really great work and was awesome to work with so when I knew what I envisioned for our card I turned to her yet again, with yet another success! They showcased the photos taken by my good friend Kristin at Mallet Photography perfectly.

So here's a little look! 

I got the rubber stamps at Target and they were perfect for a little added detail on the back and front of the envelopes.  I love dressing up the envelopes a bit, kinda wish I'd picked up some washi tape too, oh well maybe next year! (see I picked up my camera for these photos! yay for fulfilling some December goals!)

Do you send out cards every year or is it not your thing? Also, quick tip I seen floating around on pinterest...wondering what to do with those cards after the holidays are over, take a photo of the families card and added it as the photo for them as a contact in your phone for the year - I thought it was a great idea!

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