Christmas 2013: Greta's First Christmas

Christmas comes and goes so fast, but what a great time of year! We spent 3 days at my parents farm for the holidays and as much as I love the time spent with my family, we were very happy to be back home to sleep in our own bed and get back to our routine.  On Christmas Eve, we go out of our bedtime routine with going to our Christmas eve service and drinks with family after.  It left Greta overtired and bedtime was extremely difficult especially because I still had Christmas breakfast to prepare before I headed to bed - so it was a late night. She adjusted for the next couple days but that first night proved challenging.

Overall it was a great Christmas.  Funny to think that last year I was coming up with excuses of why I was not having a glass of wine and extremely tired as were not yet telling family our exciting news (luckily we were in Germany away from my ever observant family and Matt's was easier to trick!). This year we were a family of three and we feel so blessed!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with the ones you love! Here are a few photos from our few days.

 Now to get ready for New Year's and my 30th birthday!

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