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Happy Monday!

I thought I would do a series on Mondays to help introduce myself so you readers have an understanding of the woman behind the blog! So today here are five random things about me.

 I'm a latte lover!
Well actually I enjoy coffe in general but I love the steamed milk mixed with an everso strong espresso! If I could I would start every day with a large round mug filled with this deliciousness - but unfortunately they mainly start with a coffee in a go-mug as it's more affordable and quick but Sundays are left to savor that splendid cup of frothy milk goodness!


I have a degree in Kinesiology
A degree in what? Not many people know what Kinesiolgy is; it's the study of human momement. I have always been intrigued by the body especially by the muscular system - so I studied it in depth with this four year degree. Now I am hoping to use this knowledge as I have applied for my Masters in Physiotheapy - and am waiting to hear if I get an interview!

 I love, love weddings
I love everything about weddings but mostly I love details and to see how the couple incorporates themselves into the day. Weddings are magical and the love the beams through on that special day makes it so ah-mazing. This is why I frequent wedding blogs daily and secretly want to help plan and design these amazing days. If my current career choice does not pan out it may just be Plan B!

{Our wedding - photo by Keepin It Kountry Photography}

I want to renovate an old barn and farmhouse
Old barns and homes are so beautiful to me. I want an old home with exposed wood beams, a classic brick fireplace, a large kitchen with a farmhouse sink and all the character of the past. I also want it to be on a property with a barn we could renovate to hold events or a small bakery/coffee shop. This would be amazing if I could fulfill this - dream so my eyes are always open for a "for sale" sign!

Pinned Image
.I'm a farmgirl
 I grew up on a farm with my parents and four siblings. Feeding cattle, harvesting crops and playing in the dirt - this is where my childhood memories live! I'm still linked to the farm lifestyle as my husband works on a farm sp I still get to hop on a combine every fall with him!

out in the pasture {personal photo}

Hope you enjoy getting to know little pieces of me!

Here's to a good week!



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